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Working with Kristen has been incredibly enlightening.

She’s truly a gifted coach.

I’ve done ample inner-work, maybe more than most. I’ve sorted my demons and even thanked them for their role in my becoming. Deep in my bones is an awe-filled respect for the multifaceted range of experiences we are all presented with. The highs are so much sweeter when you have the lows to offer perspective.

However, all of my reading, researching, and soul excavating is done through my lens, my frame of reference. And let me tell you what, if you think you know your stuff inside out, you may need a coach more than those who are just beginning their self-discovery journey!

The curse of “knowing all this already” is real. I’ve been stuck with a capital S, trying to reconcile my head knowledge with my heart’s desires, trying to make the lessons of my past match up with my present day evolution. It hasn’t been pretty. It never occurred to me that a greater understanding of my purpose would help tie all my seeking together.

Kristen’s intuition and expertise brought me the clarity I needed and I couldn’t be more grateful and honestly, relieved.

Soul work can be agonizing and none of us should do it alone.

I highly recommend Kristen as a guide.


After working with Kristen I was able to clearly see some aspects of the relationship I hadn’t before and make a decision I was at peace with. I also created some wonderful connections with Kristen and the other women on the retreat. Connecting with amazing women was definitely an added bonus, an unexpected result I got from the retreat! Kristen showed me that I didn’t have to ‘choose’ and could bring numerous passions into what I am already doing and pursuing in my life.

Kristen is amazing, open, insightful, and a great leader! She genuinely cares about women and supporting them in obtaining breakthroughs and helpful insights. She shares herself, her life, and what she has been through in a way that helps other women learn and grow from their own experiences

I’m so happy I found you and am grateful for the relationship we have created!


The work Kristen has done in this field is unparalleled. She's an excellent guide and teacher - I would highly recommend this class. After taking the Highly Intuitive Empath course - I am now able to asses the situation in any given room I walk into - decide if it's my energy or the other persons energy I'm feeling and react appropriately. I learned how to create and feel a protective energy field around me before entering a potentially difficult situation (I'm still working on that ;). This class allowed me to recognize that I have the power to take care of myself and deflect the energy of others.


Taking time AWAY (invaluable) and the exercises allowed me to find that focus pretty quickly – and in such a fun and inspired way. I had some reservations about only having a weekend, but honestly, it’s incredible how much we did and how much we accomplished!

Don’t hesitate. If you are even thinking about it, that means you have something to get out of it. Kristen’s style is laid back and welcoming. It’s really like a vacation with benefits!

It’s an awesome feeling knowing I’ve taken that time for myself and taken my life into my own hands!”



Before signing up for the retreat I didn’t have enough time for myself. I have a busy family and time for respite does not exist.I enjoyed the visioning sessions the most. These are much needed and lacking in my life. They provided me tangible results. If you’re thinking of working with Kristen or attending a retreat, Do it! Kristen is a fun, joyful leader with profound wisdom delivered in a simple package. She makes healing and seeking something accessible, simple, easy and fun. This is her unique gift. She lifts the away the air of heaviness and reveals her laughing, giggling Buddha. If you are light at heart and deep in the mind you’ll love it.


Thanks so much for touching my heart and seeing my soul.

I experienced our session together as loving spiritual guidance. You have shown me the core and depth of my process for showing up in my business, the one conviction that was holding me back.

Not only did you give me the feeling that I was safe to show myself, but you’ve guided me to appreciation and acceptance of my inner struggle.

You’ve been a light on my path and I will be forever grateful.


I enrolled in the course to get better at setting boundaries and not being swamped by other's energies.


It was definitely worth doing the course with Kristen as she is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field.

I haven't done another program like this - I enjoyed the slides and getting straight to the point of matters that needed to be dealt with. Also enjoyed the sharing with others and Kristen after the session.

It was relaxed, not too much work but very succinctly put to be able to take away lots of important tips and how to put them into practise.

The benefits I received from our work together: Understanding that I am in fact gifted rather than that I am 'overly sensitive' - how to 'look after' myself so that I am more able to use my gifts in a way that benefits me and others healthily. Surer about setting boundaries and understanding why I need to set them in that it is more about looking after myself as oppose to being annoyed with others when they do not show me the respect I am looking for.

Appreciating that a lot of what I currently do for myself is what I should be doing but now adding in these extra important bits to more fine tune my health care regime

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