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Unlock emotional freedom, establish healthy boundaries, and embrace self-acceptance

—the ultimate roadmap to your best self.

What will you rise to in ENERGY MASTERED?

You will rise to meet the empowered empath you were born to be:

  • You'll build unshakable self-acceptance.

  • You'll learn to embrace and meet your needs.

  • You'll realize you're not too much.

  • You'll let feelings pass.

  • You'll identify your limits.

  • You'll learn the art of empowered No's and Yes's.

  • You'll trust your intuition.

  • You'll recognize an energy drain and unapologetically take necessary action.

  • You'll feel safe in your body.

  • You'll honor your shadow parts and welcome self-awareness and healing.

  • You'll begin to put your needs before their wants.

  • You'll know how to prevent over-stimulation.

  • You'll ask for support when you need it.

  • You'll step away from the role of fixer.

You will rise to meet the empowered empath you were born to be:

So if you're a highly sensitive person or empath in a relationship, you will honor your unique needs and feel confident communicating them and taking the time to meet them.

It also means if you are a highly sensitive person or empath who is a parent, you will be able to separate your feelings from theirs.


Mastering your energy means observing the world without carrying the heaviness with you.

You will learn to Master Your Energy by creating rock-solid boundaries and honoring the space you need to feel your best.

You'll be giving yourself what you need to live the life of your dreams.

  • You'll feel the confidence you need to be authentically you.

  • Instead of over-thinking, you'll embrace the value you bring to the world.

  • You'll honor your abilities and drop unrealistic expectations.

  • You'll witness the emotions of others rather than absorbing them. 

  • You'll gladly walk away from things and people not meant for you.

  • You'll let people be who and where they are. 

  • You'll actively listen without fixing

  • You'll take personal responsibility to heal what holds you down.

You'll identify how your deep wounds and the ways you cope hold you back.

  • You'll honor your shadow parts.

  • You'll see where shame keeps you immobilized and gladly reframe your mind's stories.

  • You'll be grateful for how your brain kept you safe; and open to choosing alternative ways to respond to stress. 

  • You'll know the four lies trauma teaches us and identify those lies in your inner dialogue. 

  • You'll understand which experiences overstimulate your nervous system and have the skills to care for yourself when they do.


  • You'll never doubt your abilities again.

  • You'll only say YES to things that align with your highest vision of yourself.

  • You'll always know what feelings are yours.

  • You'll turn to yourself for the guidance you seek.

  • You'll fill your cup and pour from your overfill.

  • Your energy will feel grounded rather than changing with the wind.

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