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The Realized Empath; from Surviving to Flourishing

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This course is for empaths and highly sensitive people who feel consumed by their feelings, want to stop absorbing the emotions of others, set boundaries with confidence, and thrive in an overstimulating world. The course includes: 4 CLASSES ​ Letting Go. Common ways empaths struggle; shame, resentment, low self-esteem, doubt, people-pleasing. How to begin healing and letting go. We will discuss healing modalities and which ones are best for you. Establishing a new morning routine. Building mental resilience. Overwhelm. How to stop the overwhelm before it starts. How to ease overwhelm—ways to protect yourself from someone else's energy. Methods to let go of stagnant energy. Boundaries. Energetic and Physical. How to know if you need boundaries. How to set them with confidence. How to hold them if they are disrespected. Self Trust. Is what I feel mine or theirs? Is it fear or my intuition? How to strengthen your intuition? How to move forward even if you're afraid. What is self-validation, and why should you be doing it? ​

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The Realized Empath; from Surviving to Flourishing

The Realized Empath; from Surviving to Flourishing

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