“My calling had dumped me.

I inadvertently stumbled into a mini-session on Facebook with Kristen.

Which led me to some introspection, and a conversation where she prodded me gently and lovingly to go deeper, until I could isolate what my true calling is, and separate that from whatever job I’m doing that may or may not meet that calling.”

Mind. Blown.

This woman has a gift. I highly recommend her if you are in a similar place.”

-DylanSpradlin, www.dylanannspradlin.com


 “Thanks so much for touching my heart and seeing my soul. I experienced our session together as loving spiritual guidance.

You have shown me the core and depth of my process for showing up in my business, the one conviction that was holding me back.

Not only did you give me the feeling that I was safe to show myself, but you’ve guided me to appreciation and acceptance of my inner struggle.

You’ve been a light on my path and I will be forever grateful. “

Nanda Berwers. Coach and Creator Leapyear.eu 

“NOW I see it. I just wanted to send you a little note and say Thank you! I didn’t understand the difference between my purpose, my message and my mission, or the impact not being clear had on my business. I’ve wanted to throw in the towel so many times.

I get it now.

I feel so streamlined, there’s a driving theme in my business. My blogs are easier to write, my social media posts feel more on target. But most importantly I finally feel like I’m making an impact in the world.

Thank You, Kristen!”

–  Beth Jann, Founder of BethJann coaching

“Before working with Kristen I had a ton of ideas but didn’t know what to focus on.
I was unsure who my target client was and didn’t know how to clearly communicate my vision. Getting clear on me and my purpose was key. I’m feel so much more confident in by business.

With Kristen’s help I’ve created a personal brand that not only feels like me but it’s so much more fun. I get to standout in an authentic way and that’s exciting!”

– Heather Miller, Founder of New Outlook Coaching