Do you wonder if you’ve created the life you were born for?

  • Do you spend a lot of time worrying about what others expect?
  • Do you wish you could hear the whispers of your soul?
  • Are you running constantly and hardly keeping up?
  • Do you blindly follow the traditions and patterns of your family?
  • Do the answers to “Who am I ” and “What do I want” seem hard to reach?

From a young age we’re thrust into a world of expectations, opinions, tradition and pain and before we know it we’ve created a life out of pattern instead of our souls.

-> Maybe you’ve tried to follow your heart, but it got too hard.
You’ve put in an a lot of time, money and energy and you’re scared to begin again.

-> Maybe your calling is eluding you.
You’ve hopped from passion to passion trying to figure out which leads to your purpose, and you keep running in circles. 

-> Maybe you’re still in the audience
You don’t feel clear enough to suit up and the more you see others change and go for it the more frustrated you feel.

We can connect back to who you were born to be and have the life you were born to live. It’s never to late to create a life, on purpose.

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 During our call we’ll talk about your life, your dreams and begin exploring your souls vision, then we can lay out your next steps for a life, on purpose.

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build a profitable businessWorking with Kristen has been incredibly enlightening.

She’s truly a gifted coach.

I’ve done ample inner-work, maybe more than most. (read more here)

-Amber Joy,

Energy Healing and Mindful Wellness Retreats

Twice a year Kristen offers retreats located at sacred hot spots across the United States.

These high vibrational locals serve as a foundation for the energy clearing, soul connecting, dream realizing, spiritual expanding experience you come for.

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2-Month Coaching Intensive

You will discover your unique calling, clear spiritual blocks and identify your road to change.

– 6 50-minute coaching calls
– Soul Roadmap Review & Strategy (discover your true calling)
– Steps to self love & acceptance (clear any blocks/limited beliefs)
– Identify themes and patterns within your pain and learn to use those to build your dream

$1249.00 or $674.00 a month



Clarity, on Purpose

By the end of this course you will be using your purpose, passion and past to create something amazing for yourself.

Clarity, on purpose will help you:

  1. Make amends with your past and find the self-love you desire.
  2. Get crystal clear on your true calling and find your empowered voice.
  3. Find the message from your life and step into your power to share it.
  4. Discover your creative genius and outline ways to use it.

This class is designed for women who are ready to follow their heart, drop people pleasing and claim the life they really want.

Offered twice a year.

Enrollment starting soon.

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