Giving Back

unconditional loveBecause my purpose is rooted in unconditional love – we are a proud sponsor of FREE2LUV

​​Give back Unconditional Love. With each sale we donate 5% to FREE2LUV™

Because of our shared mission in spreading unconditional love, FREE2LUV was a perfect charity for me stand beside.

A bit of information about Free2Luv.
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“Free2Luv is an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to rockin’ individuality, celebrating equality, spreading kindness & standing up to bullying through arts & entertainment. We empower, engage & enlighten youth to know that they are perfect just the way they are and they can use their voices for good.”

“FREE2LUV teams up with Celebrity Ambassadors, Youth Advocates and corporations who believe LUV is STRONGER than hate and BRAVER than bullying.”

“We hold hands with our partners to … create thought-provoking awareness campaigns support and produce community outreach events create a cool line of cause inspired merchandise designed to create change.”

“The FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS BULLY campaign invites the community to unite, take the pledge and use their collective voice for good.”

I couldn’t think of a better charity to stand up with.