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discover your purpose

Spiritual Guidance & Business Coaching 

OH & I’m throwing in: Will it fly or will it flop? (checklist for finding a profitable online business idea)

It’s like having a business mentor and a spiritual coach living next door. (ding dong)

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discovery your purposeKristen is an American Entrepreneur, a writer, a counselor, a mom, a wife and an intuitive. She’s the creator of the A Business, on Purpose® coaching program, a uniquely made program that blends business building with spiritual healing and growth.

What makes her different from the rest? Her programs not only focus on creating a thriving purpose based business but also address the emotional and spiritual wounds and blocks that keep us playing small. 

Her life’s a testimony of the impact, healing our emotional wounds and blocks have on our entrepreneurial spirits.

Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, Positively Positive, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Possibility of Change and Mind Body Green & Parenting Magazine.

Discover your unique calling. Heal. Create. Thrive in life and business.