About Me

I help women discover their unique calling, clear self-destructive blocks, and create a life on purpose.

heal spiritually“What do you want to be when
you grow up?”

Oh man! This one question always threw me into a tizzy.

Maybe a zookeeper… no, a counselor… maybe an astronaut? Depending on the point in my life in which you asked this question, I always had answers but they changed frequently and I was never really certain.

I could be anything and I’m passionate about so much.

How do you just pick ONE THING?

I’d love to say that by the time I went to college, I had it all figured out but, no. I picked a major because that’s what people do. Psychology with a Masters in Counseling. Hey, it was one of the many things on my list at least.

After college I started a family and my first business. I loved to be a mom to my kids but I needed more. I needed my brain engaged.

This whole entrepreneur thing with a family was no joke. Good thing “master juggler at a circus” was on my “what to be” list at age 7. I can check that one off too!

After 5 years of hustling, figuring it out and working my tail off in this passion business of mine and I had great success! I had created an organic clothing company that I had grown like gangbusters from the spare bedroom of my house. We sold in over 50 stores worldwide, including huge stores like Babies R Us and Wholefoods.

I worked hard, focused and grew a big brand. I finally made it and I rode off into the sunset with giant bags of cash and a smile on my face and lived happily ever after…

Um, no… that wasn’t the case at all.

Honestly, after I’d reached my goals, I felt more disconnected than ever. And tired. And disappointed that I’d done all of this and still felt empty.

So, I built a successful business… so what? Something was missing. After really digging and doing some soul searching I figured it out. That missing element was my purpose.

I learned that purpose is what you’re created to do; it’s why you exist. All of these life experiences they’re all little arrows pointing to our purpose and the darkest moments they’re the biggests arrows. See your past has no power over your purpose, it’s just a map leading you to it.

Your past has no power over your purpose, it leads you right to it.

Aha! This was such a huge revelation for me.

With CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and PURPOSE women like you and me, can create lasting fulfillment in life and success in businesses. That’s the whole package and that’s what we do here!

Still wanna know more about me?
Hmm, okay, here’s a lightening round of fast facts:

• I’m an intuitive, sensitive healer at heart. I was pulled into counseling for a reason. It’s a gift, a passion, a purpose

• I’m a survivor. (Beyonce song) I’ve got what I call “big trauma” in my past but I discovered that the darkest parts were the path to my purpose and tapping into my creative power freed my spirit.

• I crave adventure and I’m very connected to nature. My ideal vacation is open space and activity. Think hiking a glacier in Iceland (so fun!)

• I’m an out of the closet introvert. Proud and no longer willing to conform to extrovert ways

• I love being inspired and inspiring others

• I play with my hair constantly

• I’ve been married for 15 years and have two kids, girl 11, boy 9

• I’m obsessed with alone time and it takes alot and has to be something spectacular for me to leave my house

• I love singing super loud in my car to mostly my daughters music (think Taylor Swift)

• I dream of traveling the world. My all time favorites have been Iceland and Berlin

Are you ready to get clear on your CALLING, heal spiritually and start thriving?