From Past to Purpose. Thrive in life and business, on purpose.

Any of these sound familiar?

-You know you’re meant for something HUGE but feel overwhelmed with how to move forward

-You’ve dreamt of the business thing, but hold back based on what people think

-Your life hasn’t been easy so you shift from proving your worth to hiding your true self from the world

-You need clarity! What to do and who to do it for

-You have SO many passions – how the heck do you choose?​

-You want to get clear on your message so you stop saying what you think people want to hear

-You want to know what it feels like to be accepted and paid for being uniquely YOU

-You’re not sure what to offer or how to streamline your ideas

-You don’t know how to find the people who’d be interested in what you’re unique calling

-You feel a disconnect between your big ideas and how you’ll get it all done by yourself.

I believe that every step you’ve taken since birth has been to realize and deliver your unique calling to the world.

It’s in this sweet spot of passion meets unique purpose that your true power and true fulfillment begins; this place where your true self resides the self you were born to be, your magic. Purpose is your purest form of love.

It’s you in your deepest form. It’s that YOU the world yearns for. That’s what leads to lasting fulfillment, self love and it’s what the world will come running to you for.

Many have won in this life without the best hand, your purpose holds all the power to the life you desire and deserve.


discover your calling“Thanks so much for touching my heart and seeing my soul. I experienced our session together as loving spiritual guidance. You have shown me the core and depth of my process for showing up in my business, the one conviction that was holding me back. Not only did you give me the feeling that I was safe to show myself, but you’ve guided me to appreciation and acceptance of my inner struggle. You’ve been a light on my path and I will be forever grateful. “

Love, Nanda

Coach and Creator Leapyear.eu