Build a profitable online business, on purpose

Any of these sound familiar?

– You dream of having a successful online business, and need a clear plan

– The thing holding you back is you and you want to clean out your limited beliefs

– You need clarity! What you’re meant to do and who to do it for

– You want to financially thrive in your business, being 100% You

– You’re ready to work for yourself and take back your time


I work with women to rediscover their calling, build the online business of their dreams and clear any spiritual blocks that come up along the way.

I believe that every step you’ve taken since birth has been to realize and deliver your unique calling to the world.


Even your darkest days point right to it. It’s the juicy spot of passion meets purpose that your true power and true fulfillment live. Your unique calling is your purest form of love you’re meant to give to the world.


When most people create businesses they do so without truly knowing their unique calling. It’s the #1 thing missing from most businesses, and this leads to money, fulfillment, lasting passion and business longevity to go missing too.


We’ve all have a past, have endured pain, and some of us have regret. It’s these 3 things and our thoughts and beliefs that keep us from seeing our unique purpose and living up to our true potential.


That’s why I know building a business should be a true healing experience, on Purpose.


discover your calling“Thanks so much for touching my heart and seeing my soul. I experienced our session together as loving spiritual guidance. You have shown me the core and depth of my process for showing up in my business, the one conviction that was holding me back. Not only did you give me the feeling that I was safe to show myself, but you’ve guided me to appreciation and acceptance of my inner struggle. You’ve been a light on my path and I will be forever grateful. “


Love, Nanda


Coach and Creator Leapyear.eu